The digital creative entrepreneur fever is not exclusive to Indonesia. As time changes, both developed and developing countries places more emphasis on the development of creative entrepreneur, especially in the digital sector. Even not a small number of people are diving into becoming a digital creative entrepreneur, or stopped in their track due to the inability to cope with the inconsistencies in becoming a creative entrepreneur. As the popularity of digital creative entrepreneur kept rising, moreover the allure of reaching not just national audience, but also international audience. More and more people are attracted to join the bandwagon. However, lack of preparation and knowledge, render their creative entrepreneur endeavor full of hurdle. Hence is the reason why support for creative ideas is necessary. It is not only the government duty as policy maker, but the government must play an active social role, supporting the success of the creative digital industry. We as member of the society, must also appreciate these startups, by promoting their work, interacting with them, and actively invest time and money for the success of these startups. With the support from the people, moving forward, the Indonesian digital industry will be a big contributor to the Indonesian economy, which will not only benefit the industry but the whole community.

Theme : Challenges for Creative Young Entrepreneurs in Digital Era Competition

Facilites for All Participants
  1. E-Certificate
  2. TAK
  3. Snack
  4. Doorprize and Voucher 50K by BRO.DO

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Day/Date Friday / 29 september 2017
Time 13.00 - Ends
Place Faculty of Apllied Science Hall, Telkom University



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Hari : senin-jumat
Pukul : 09.00-16.00
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