The 7 th Java Business Competition will be start on September 28 th , 2018 at Telkom University, Bandung, West Java. Call for Paper is a writing competition in which participants can express their ideas relating to Creative Entrepreneur in order to support Digital Creative Industry. The competition will begins with the collection of abstracts via e-mail and all participants who sent abstracts will receive an international certificate. There will be 15 selected teams that going to Bandung and present their full paper in front of the reviewer in battle for the championship 1, 2 and 3. Creative Entrepreneurship is a term derived from entrepreneurship. Combination of two words, creative -which means inventiveness, generating new ideas- and entrepreneurship -which means some skill to change ideas become profit-.

"A simple understanding of the Creative Entrepreneur is someone who has the ability to create and supported by entrepreneurship to develop entrepreneurship."(Poets, 2012).

Theme : Encouraging Creativepreneur to Face the World's Economic Challenges.

Subtheme :
Economics and Business Technology Social
Target of Participants
Each team consist maximum of 3 diploma or undergraduate students from all universities in Asia.

Abstract Submission April 30th - June 4th 2018
Abstract Announcement July 2nd 2018
Full Paper Submission July 3rd - August 3rd 2018
Full Paper Announcement August 21st 2018
Finalist Registration August 22nd - September 6th 2018
Technical Meeting Sepetember 27th 2018
Final Presentation September 28th 2018
Announcement the Winners October 1st 2018
Multimedia Room 2nd, Tokong Nanas, Telkom University

Total Price
  • US$ 1240
  • Goodie Bag
  • International Certificate
  • Consumtion

Facilities for All Participants
  1. International Seminar Ticket
  2. Goodie Bag
  3. International Certificate
  4. Consumption
Contact Person : Fulki (087823455355)/ Line : fulki_paradise.

Official Line@: @jbc_telkomuniv
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IG & Twitter: @JBC_TelkomUniv
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  1. Participants are undergraduate students (D3 / S1) in university all across Asia.
  2. The team consists of maximum 3 people, they can come from a variety of courses, but should be in the same College. Participants with the same team may only submit one essay.
  3. The name of team may not use the participants collage name.
  4. Participants who have registered in the team should not be replaced with other participants ranging from abstract preliminary stages until the final stages.
  5. Competition Call for paper the 7th JBC 2018 is divided into two (2) phases : The first stage is the stage of abstract, where the team with the best abstract will be chosen to be finalists. Finalists will then go into the full paper and will present the results of his work directly in Telkom University and The Newton Hotel Bandung, then will select the best three teams that will be obtained 1 st place, 2 nd place, 3 rd place which will be announced at Trans Luxury Hotel.
  6. Abstract and Full Paper obliged to use English.
  7. Abstract and Full Paper that is included is an original, never published and not the result of plagiarism.
  8. Abstract and Full Paper that is included is an original, never published and not the result of plagiarism.
  9. Sending back the completed form to complete with the abstract as an attachment (attachment) to the email, at the latest on 4 June 2018 at 23:59 pm. the email subject: JBC ABSTRACT_Sub Theme_ team name
  10. Has sent an email to confirm the form and abstract to Fulki: 087823455355. Line:
    fulki_paradise. With sms & Line format:
    JBC ABSTRACT_Sub Theme_ Team NameExample: JBC ABSTRACT_economics and business_tim hurray
  11. Announcement of participants who pass the preliminary abstract on 2 July 2018 at 23:59 pm
  12. The committee will select the 20 best abstract that will be presented on 28 September 2018 at Telkom University.
  13. Confirm for submitting full paper to Fulki: 087823455355
    Line: fulki_paradise. With sms Line format:
    JBC Registration Team Full Paper_Sub Theme_Team Name
    Example: Register JBC Full Paper_economics and business_timehore
  14. After registering full paper, participants must send an email to , most recently on 3rd August 2018 at 23:59 pm with the subject of the email: JBC Full Paper_Sub Theme_Team name
  15. Confirm for submitting full paper to Fulki: 087823455355
    Line: fulki_paradise. With sms & Line format:
    JBC Full paper_Sub Theme_ Team Name
    Example: JBC Full Paper_economics and business_tim hurray
  16. Finalists must attend a minimum of team representatives Technical Meeting which was held on 28th September 2018 at 16:00 Telkom University. Participants are required to be present 30 minutes before the Technical Meeting for re-registration. Participants who do not follow the Technical Meeting will be penalized in the form of elimination of shuttle transportation provided by the organizers of station / terminal / airports etc. as well as from the inn during the race.
  17. Presentations delivered compulsory use of English and without a translator, the presenter must be a registered member in the call for papers JBC 2018 and required all team members present. And the presentation time Q & A is 15 minutes.
  18. If participants are found to have violated the provisions above, it will be disqualified.

Registration Fee
Abstract FREE

Registration Date
Abstract April 30th - June 4th 2018
Full Paper July 3rd - August 3rd 2018

Registration Timeline:

Whether the participant can submit two works?
No, the team may only submit one work, and if they still send two, only the first work to be assessed.

What if I passed in the abstract stage?
If passed the abstract stage then your team is declared as finalists and reserves the right to present your work in Telkom University, Bandung after making Full Paper registration process.

Is there a fee for abstract and full paper?
No, this year JBC Have FREE abstract Registration and you will get an e-certificate if it has been collecting abstract though not qualify for Full Paper stage. For those who qualify, the next stage is to register Full paper Rp 500,000 and collect your artwork so it will get the benefit in the form of a certificate, consumption, transportation, and the prize for the winner.

After I register, if there is a refund when I’m not participate as a team?
Sorry no, therefore we recommend before applying you should do the fixation of the team.

Are works that have passed will be in the proceedings?
Yes, there is proceedings.

Where is abstract, registration form, and the full paper is sent? with the email subject: JBC ABSTRACT_Sub Theme_team name

Who is Jury Call for papers?
You will surprise.

How to get a Letter of Invitation?
By registering for full paper we will give you a letter of invitation.

How cal selection stage in the race for paper?
Selection is divided into two stages, the first abstract selection, and then 20 teams that qualify will be named as finalists and invited to present his work, and then will elect the three best.

Are all team participants must be present at the presentation?
All participants must be present their full paper.